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G3000 Brake Kit

Dependability and Safety for Everyday Driving Situations


Design and Material: developed from OE samples and made with G3000-qualified material, ensuring form, fit and function for a dependable performance.

SAE Standard for Tensile Strength: meet the SAE standard for tensile strength, providing structural integrity and a maximum service life.

Finish: A non-directional ground finish gives you a product that is ready to install right out of the box.

Lateral Runout & Thickness Variation: lateral runout of 0.004? or less and a thickness variation of less than 0.0005”, ensuring less pedal pulsation, less brake noise, and extended pad life.

Mill Balanced Edges: mill balanced and 100 percent validated, leading to proper balance, minimized vibration, and quieter and smoother stopping.

G3000 Certified Disc Brake Rotors

Double Disc Ground

OEM Replacement rotors feature a double disc ground, taper free finish. Double disc grinding ensures parallelism, eliminates run out and provides near perfect disc thickness variation. This special finish also provides quieter and smoother stops.

Premium Semi-Metallic - Brake Pads

(hardware not included)

Longest wearing most advanced material available. Lowest dust. Stable friction performance across wide temperature range. Easy bed-in of new pads, increasing the effective stopping power from the first stop.

Original Equipment Designs

Developed from OE samples; form, fit and function are validated to meet quality system standards. OE-matched, G3000 qualified material for structural strength and maximum - rotor life. Ready to install right out of the box.

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