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Disc Brake Calipers Now Available!



Call us at 1877-467-3974 for your car application, we also paint them red, yellow and black.

We can also rebuild your calipers!



Reman; DBC Brake Caliper

  • Every piston phenolic or steel is replaced to guarantee proper performance throughout the lifetime of the caliper.
  • DBC Calipers have all new hardware installed. All guide bolts, pins, through bolts and seals are replaced guaranteeing the caliper will function correctly.
  • DBC Calipers come complete with all new dust seals, O-rings and boots.
  • DBC Calipers utilize the new Quiet Clips™ style abutment clips. These quiet clips ensure proper pad fitment and reduced vibration related noise under braking.
  • Calipers feature a Zinc Dichromate finish. This feature ensures that the caliper will look as good as it works throughout its lifetime.