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  1. 2013 Hyundai Genesis (R-Spec)

    The car of the day featured in our blog today is the 2013 Hyundai Genesis R-Spec. Powered by a 5L version of Hyunday's Tau V-8, the output in the R-Spec sedan stands at 429 HP and 376 lb of torque! With a custom engineered eight-speed tranny that Hyundai developed in-house. The R-Spec also features bigger, more powerful front brakes, re-engendered...
  2. Now shipping to the USA for FREE!

    Hello US customers, we are very pleased to announce that we now ship to the USA for FREE! That's right, you can now order all your performance brake necessities from and we'll ship your order for free via USPS. Save 10% on your order by inserting "USA10" as the coupon code. Thank you and drive safe! #Freeshipping   free...
  3. Check Out this Chart to Easily Compare our Premium Brake Kits!

    To make the chart larger, just click on it!  
  4. Brake Rotors: Quality Matters

    Buying #brake #rotors is serious, very serious. It is the centre piece of your braking power. What does that mean? Quality matters. Buying cheap, low iron grade rotors can lead to cracking and warping, potentially endangering the life of the people inside the vehicle. As for #Brake #pads,lower qualities are not as dangerous, but can be noisy and may get used up pretty...
  5. Black Series or Silver Series?

    A common question people ask themselves when shopping for premium brake products is what colour should they chose their #premium #cross #drilled #brake #kit? Black or Silver? This is a valid question, but not essential. Fortunately, for those who can't decide, the good news is that no matter the colour, we guarantee the exact same product performance and satisfaction guaranteed!     Share your thoughts...
  6. The New BMW M4, Originally Equipped with Performance Brake Rotors

    Did you know that the brand-new, up and coming BMW M4 will have cross drilled rotors technology STOCK! Yes, STOCK! This goes to show that performance brake rotors really do make the difference. Remember, from 0-100 is impressive, but from 100-0 is crucial. Check it out and share your thoughts!
  7. Performance Cars and Performance Brakes, a True Love Story

    Did you know that #Porsche, one of the most prestigious #german #auto makers in the world, equips their beautiful cars with #cross #drilled#brake #rotor technology? Have you ever seen a Porsche with cross drilled rotors? Share your thoughts!
  8. Will BMW Follow the Drilled and Slotted Brake Trend?

    Do you think BMW will follow Mercedes-Benz's footsteps by equipping their #vehicles with superior #braking power technology? Share your thoughts and enjoy this sweet shot.
  9. Mercedes-Benz, a Cross Drilled Brake Kit Pioneer.

    #Cross #Drilled #brake #kits have gained popularity over the last five years and for good reason. Enhanced #braking #performance, reduced #brake #dust and noise and last but not least, these kits are seriously nice. In response, car manufacturers, such as #Mercedes-Benz, are starting to equip their cars with this technology and beauty.

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