Montreal Police with brand new Dodge Chargers!!

Montreal police have a new secret weapon, but, they’re counting on the fact you won’t see it. Until you break the law that is. The SPVM has just bought black, two-tone Dodge Charger cruisers, no blue and red lights on the roof, no white paint job. Im thinking about our tax dollars, but thats just me.. No Ford Crown Victoria with distinctive blue logo and station numbers like regular police cars. The job of these stealth-black squad cars is patrolling for the traffic division in the northern and western sectors of the city. The cars are supposed to blend in with their dark colour so people speeding in school zones or the folks talking on cellphones while driving despite it being illegal, won’t know they are being watched till they are presented with the ticket. The two new semi-undercover cars are part of a four-month pilot project. The Chargers are powered by V6 engines with rear-wheel drive and a ‘police pack’ of special upgrades that offer more performance and handling than a normal sedan. A similar powered Charger retails for $34,000, but the SPVM do not disclose what these black beauties cost the force or the taxpayer.  “We want to see if these cars answer our needs, and if so, we might order some more,” said SPVM Constable Simon Delorme. So beware of dark color chargers in your rear view mirror if you’re speeding or on the phone!



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