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  • How is transforming the brake performance of vehicles in Canada?

    Hassle free driveways, readily available parking spaces and a good company, are a few things that make your drive smooth. There is one more thing that we often forget to heed, a good braking system. It is so vital that even Flintstones did not forget to have one!

    Why does one need a good braking system?

    We need one because the world is full of amateur racers without the required license or the skill and control. Let us be a little reasonable in understanding that it is perfectly typical for people like these to confuse a driveway with a racing track, and while we cannot vouch for their driving we definitely can for performance brakes to equip our vehicles with a reliable braking system.

    When it comes to your car’s maintenance needs, one of the most important things you need to keep an eye on is the braking system. Brakes are probably the most crucial component of your car when thinking about vehicle safety. If you cannot stop in time, you could end up in an accident. After establishing how important brakes are let us now ponder upon why you should consider over all others.

    Know about the company is a premier source for replacement and high-performance brake parts online in Canada. Their mission is not to sell but to help their customers. They are one shop stop for all high-quality products for car, truck or SUV at low prices. With customer satisfaction their prime importance, they continuously ensure that shopping experience is smooth, pleasant and more importantly highly secured.

    With their extensive inventory of premium brake products, one can be certain to find the right brake kit that your car, truck and/or SUV deserve. Let us look into what makes their brake systems the best.

    • High quality, brake kits :

    When buying your brake system online, you need to be sure of the quality being offered and of all things promised by quality floats above all, proofs of which can easily be seen through customer reviews.

    • No squeaking or squealing sounds :

    One can only imagine the irritation a sound like this brings to your comfortable drive. And when dwelled upon the reason of these sounds you might come to know that this sound is a warning that your brakes are worn out. But with  you can be sure our team in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario will give you the best experience.

    • Large Inventory:

    With a massive inventory of premium brake products, you can be confident to find the right brake kit that you and your car, truck and/or SUV deserve at From simple replacement brake rotors to black-coated slotted and cross drilled rotors,they have the product you are looking for at the price you want with easy and free 2-way shipping!

    This advanced technology you experience at provide better braking, quieter braking, less braking effort, longer life and definitely enhance your driving experience. So Increase your braking power and the look of your car all while saving money, only with!

  • Why brake parts are instrumental for the performance of your vehicle?

    Brakes are pretty much the most important safety device on your car. Inspecting your brake parts for any wear and tear damage might help keep your passengers safe by only spending some money before any real damage that might come out to be costly.

    The brake parts are very important components of any car’s braking system. You know when to press the brake and the car eventually stops. However, it is important to renew your vehicle’s brake parts quite regularly because they might wear down after a certain amount of time. And hence, you need to know that how instrumental the brake parts are for your safety and good performance of your vehicle.

    Maintain your brakes

    Usually wearing down of your brake parts boils down to a number of factors which might include your car’s model number etc., how often/hard you press the brakes and how regularly you get them checked/serviced which should be done periodically.

    Squealing or squeaking sound which the brake parts’ wearing down creates is quite disturbing and also not safe because every time you press the brakes, the metal that comes out of the brake pad will be in constant contact with your wheels. Hence, brake parts should be replaced regularly. Older vehicles mostly have an alarm system that allows you to know when your brake parts need to be replaced. If you’re not responsible enough, to replace the brake parts even after persistent screeching noises, the disturbance created might get you into an accident. Hence, good quality well maintained brakes are crucial for both performance and safety.

    Why do you need brake pads

    Without the brake pad, you’ll be stopping your car with metal-on-metal friction, which can warp your wheel, damage your brake system, and require an expensive repair.

    Never overlook the importance of safe braking. We need to focus both on driver and vehicle fitness. If we are not caring for the vehicle components required for safe braking we are not only causing damage to the brake as a whole, but we are taking a big safety risk.

    Be sure to use a great deal of care when replacing your brake parts. It is recommended that you have your brakes checked each time your vehicle’s oil is changed – about every 10,000 kilometers. This quick inspection, paired with proper maintenance of your brake pads, will prevent problems down the road, ensuring the safety of you and your family.

  • Why Performance Brakes Are Vital For Your Vehicle

    Why Performance Brakes Are Vital For Your Vehicle

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    Brakes are the most safety critical part of any moving vehicle and in the case of cars and motorcycles quite often when brakes are used in anger, standard is just not good enough. The sport street use or track day and race use of motor vehicles and motorcycles has led to a need for higher performance brakes such as disc brake pads and brake rotors or discs.

    So what does high performance mean and how do we measure this performance? Brake pads which are made of blends of petro chemical resins and other ingredients are made to a budget by car builders and are one of the first thing to be changed on a vehicles brakes when users are involved in sport or race use. A high performance brake pad will be one which has good friction level and pedal feel on first application and can hold this level of performance throughout the whole braking cycles. Brakes must not “Fade” or fall on in performance under the heat of braking. Not only must high performance brakes work effectively under heat and load they must have good durability. Additives such a copper or coke is blended into pads used on high performance brake systems to enhance durability.

    Since, some irresponsible people do rash driving or drunk driving and hence to avoid accidents, performance brakes are very important. In this age when accidents are quite frequent, performance brakes are needed for hassle-free braking system in our cars.

    Ideally, you’ll want to bed in your brakes and drive on a wide road, but using common sense here, you might need to stop-find an animal midway or something like that.

    These are several things need to be kept in mind for safety in every vehicle and quite clearly, performance brakes is one of them.

    Why would you need Performance braking?

    There are two primary reasons why you’d need to improve the braking performance of your vehicle:

    1. Lack of stopping power

    The vehicle does not have sufficient brake torque to lock up the wheels at the speeds it travels (or get close to locking up the wheels, providing the maximum deceleration forces).

    1. Excessive brake fade

    The vehicle experiences brake fade after certain durations of brake use, and loses braking capabilities as a result. Prolonged braking (such as on a track) can lead to brake fade as a result of improper brake cooling.

  • 8 things you need to know about the 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser

    The Toyota Land Cruiser is a dinosaur living in modern times. It roams the roads and off-road trails with zero regard for time marching on, and yet it retains its legendary status in the automotive landscape.

    For those who aren't intimately familiar with the Land Cruiser, it can be confounding as to why automotive enthusiasts continue to be infatuated with this relic.

    After spending a week with a 2017 example, I have come up with eight things you need to know about this aging SUV with a cult-like following.

    2017 Toyota Land Cruiser

    2017 Toyota Land Cruiser

    2017 Toyota Land Cruiser

    2017 Toyota Land Cruiser

    It's like the '90s today

    If you miss cars from the 1990s, the Land Cruiser should be on your shopping list. It feels like a time capsule with some modern tech thrown in for good measure. Sure, it has a large 9.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, LED headlights, and modern active safety tech such as automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and rear cross-traffic alerts, but it certainly doesn't feel new. Inside, its packaging is limited by its body-on-frame structure. Its interior layout simply can't match larger crossovers, or even newer body-on-frame SUVs in terms of flexibility and storage. The pinnacle of these packaging issues is the third-row seat, but more on that later.

    For Toyota Land Cruiser enthusiasts that feel the FJ80 was the pinnacle of the Land Cruiser series, good news: The current FJ200's front end makes the vehicle look like the FJ80's (1990-1997) great grandson.

    If you miss the old days, the Land Cruiser is happy to appease you, but if you want a vehicle that feels like it was designed in 2018, the Land Cruiser isn't it.

    The driving experience is also old-school, and that's our next topic.

    2017 Toyota Land Cruiser2017 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Relaxed driving

    The Land Cruiser weighs in at a hefty 5,815 pounds, but with 401 pound-feet of torque and 4-wheel drive on tap, it offers strong acceleration when needed. This isn't a sporty vehicle, though, so it feels most at home when cruising down the road in a relaxed manner. In fact, it feels somewhat unnatural to try to hustle it, either in a straight line or around a corner. The ride is surprisingly comfortable given its ladder frame construction, but this beast wants to lean over in turns. Toyota does its best to remedy this issue with active roll bars that are part of its standard Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System. The front bar is a massive 1.68 inches in diameter, and these bars can disconnect to allow for wheel articulation when off-roading. While the 8-speed automatic delivers smooth shifts in general, the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts can sometimes be sloppy, and this transmission can occasional get confused when pressed hard.

    2017 Toyota Land Cruiser2017 Toyota Land Cruiser


    With a large 5.7-liter V-8 producing 381 horsepower and the aforementioned 401 lb-ft of torque, the Land Cruiser has the power to climb whatever it is you need to climb. Couple this to a full-time 4-wheel-drive system, a chunky solid rear axle, enormous sway bars with a hydraulic disconnect system, big brakes, and a stability control program that is deeply integrated into its off-road package, and the Land Cruiser can pretty much go anywhere. Clearance? Not an issue with an approach angle of 30 degrees, and 9.5-inches of travel in the rear to help articulate the wheels over whatever you need. There's low-range for the 4-wheel-drive system, and the locking center differential can shift from 50 to 70 percent of the available torque to the rear wheels.

  • This man converted a 50-year-old Land Rover to run on coal (as one does)

    The classic Land Rover Defender evolved over its long life from frequent use as a farming implement to new life as an iconic all-wheel-drive trophy truck.

    The end of Defender production in January 2016 was practically a national day of mourning in England.

    Now, you can even get Defenders entirely renovated with new powertrains and all manner of luxury features, accompanied by six-figure price tags.

    And the newly formed Jaguar Land Rover Classic unit will restore a rare 1948 pre-production Land Rover, recently uncovered after decades, to mark, the brand's 70th anniversary this year.

    But while the sturdy Landies are increasingly valuable in the U.S. and in Britain, they may still be taken a bit less seriously at home.

    Why else would you take a perfectly good 50-year-old Land Rover 88 and convert it to run on ... coal?

    Yes, out of all the possible powertrain transplants—the rumored future all-electric Land Rover might have a nice rejoinder to the Bollinger B1, we think—why convert to the filthiest fossil fuel?

    Frank Rothwell and the Land Rover he converted to a coal-powered steam engine [frame: YouTube]Frank Rothwell and the Land Rover he converted to a coal-powered steam engine [frame: YouTube]

    It's all about entertaining his three grandchildren, as 67-year-old Frank Rothwell explains. Oh, and using it for his 1.5-mile commute to work as well.

    The retired businessman from outside Manchester bought the Land Rover for £4,000 ($5,650) from a manufacturing company that had nicknamed the car "Mildred" for all the mildew inside.

    He says he spent £24,000 ($34,000) and put more than 400 hours into the project to refit the old Land Rover with a coal-fired boiler that heats water until it turns into steam to power the steam engine that turns the wheels.

    The previously recessed grille now sports a locomotive-like mock boiler front, complete with Land Rover badge and a working chimney for the coal smoke.

    With a full head of steam, top speed is a leisurely 15 mph, though that's in keeping with the marque, since early models were hard-pressed to go much above 40 to 50 mph.

    His three grandchildren are big fans of the coal-powered Land Rover, though Rothwell says his wife is less enthusiastic.

    "I think it's really good for children of this era to do things like lighting fires and using coal," he says, "because they have little access to using things like that these days."

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Motor Authority thanks our tipster, who prefers to remain an International Man of Mystery

  • Scott's 1983 Mercedes Benz 300SD

    Scott's 1983 Mercedes Benz 300SD
    Scott's 1983 Mercedes Benz 300SD
    I know this is not the most conventional car to restore, but this is my 1983 Mercedes Benz 300SD. The ride quality and reliability of these big bodied, 5 cylinder turbo diesel engine, S-Class cars is unbelievable. I have been rebuilding and restoring it for the past three years. I have rebuilt the cylinder head, front, top end of the engine and turbo. All of the brake pads, rotors, shoes, brake hoses, oil and fuel filters, motor mounts, shocks and lots of the steering/suspension parts have been purchased from RockAuto! Half the price of the local parts stores!

    Thanks for the availability, great prices and fast shipping!

    Scott in Virginia

  • Repair Mistakes & Blunders

    About 20 years ago, when I was only 18 and just getting started in the auto repair business, I did not know how to drive a manual transmission vehicle, so a coworker volunteered to teach me. We got out on the highway, drove some back roads and did parking lot maneuvers. When we parked inside the shop, he told me to put the transmission in neutral, apply the parking brake and shut the engine off. I did exactly what he said. The lesson went smoothly.

    Being the new kid, I did not have my own service bay/lift, so I had to wait for one to open up. I went about checking over what I could on the vehicle without putting it on a lift. After a brief break, I realized that a bay had opened up, but rather than immediately claiming the open bay, I waited for the mechanic who had been using it to come back, just to make sure he did not need it anymore. What I failed to realize was that when I was on my break, he had moved the car I was working on backwards about two feet so he could get out of his bay. I also did not notice that he left it in gear with the parking brake off.

    I needed to start the vehicle for some reason I cannot remember, so what did I do (remember, 18 years old)? I opened the drivers door, carefully propped my RIGHT half on the seat, pressed the clutch in with my RIGHT foot and turned the key. Why would I need the brake? The car was in neutral, or so I thought!

    As I let the clutch out, the car lurched forward, and I fell to the floor. It ran over my left foot, and the driverless car crashed into the dealership's body shop.

    The customer's car was totaled. As the shock slowly wore off, I explained my mistake to the service manager, leaving any mention of the other technician out. It was my fault and I owned up to it. Believe it or not, they did not fire me. My manager gave me a few days off, sans pay, and I worked at that shop for seven more years until they closed.

    To this day, I cannot get into a stick shift car without instinctively putting my right foot on the brake and wiggling the shifter to make sure it is in neutral.

    Bob in Albuquerque

  • Ford has no plans to chase lap records with GT

    2017 Ford GT

    Ford has adamantly stayed away from pushing its performance machines around race circuits for lap-time bragging rights. And that sentiment hasn't changed to this day. That's despite a recent diagnostic visit to Virginia International Raceway where the Ford GT monstered every single production car lap record with a 2:38.62. But, Ford isn't planning on making that time (or any other) official.

    The Drive reported on Tuesday that the automaker won't take the GT on a record-breaking spree at race courses. Ford Performance acknowledged the supercar's achievement in Virginia but said, "We have no plans to go for any lap records at VIR or other circuits going forward." Sorry Nürburgring fans, but Ford isn't going there.

    Yet, just to rub it in—if only a bit—a Ford Performance spokesperson added the GT recorded its VIR time with a small support crew, far from ideal track conditions, and racing driver Billy Johnson, who'd never lapped VIR before. Sounds like Ford wanted to brag just a smidge while keeping its corporate mantra intact.

    The mindset if far different from Ford's crosstown rival, Chevrolet. Lead Camaro engineer Al Oppenheiser recently said in an interview that he'd like to see a sub-7:00 lap time at the 'Ring. That's a tall order considering the closest his team has gotten is a 7:16.04 with the Camaro ZL1 1LE. But even if the Camaro never breaks the 7-minute barrier, we think Chevrolet may have something that could: a mid-engine Corvette.

  • Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018: how we arrived at the winner

    The Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018 is the Honda Civic Type R. We said as much Monday.

    With its combination of exhilarating performance and downright value, you would think it would be a shoo-in for the award. Think again.

    The competition was fast and fierce this year and covered wide ground with worthy competitors, namely the Lexus LC 500, Porsche Panamera, and Kia Stinger GT.

    We were ever-diligent in picking a winner this year: we drove and we asked questions, took names, compared notes, asked more questions, fought, made up, and drove some more. Our proving ground was the Atlanta Motorsports Park, temporarily delayed by a plane crash (!) on our first day of testing. We returned the following day to put our four finalists to the test, back-to-back-to-back-to-back style.

    By the time we took the vote, our finalists were like family. Our staff drove our four finalists at various times throughout the year, for a few hundred miles during our top-secret Best Car To Buy testing week, and in the spirited manner they were intended on the 2.0-mile Atlanta Motorsport circuit. After driving the cars like we owned 'em and like we stole 'em, we gathered around a dining room table and a campfire to duke it out. The Civic Type R came out on top, but it was a close call with the surprisingly good Lexus LC 500.

    The following is what our crew had to say about each of our finalists.

    2018 Honda Civic Type R2018 Honda Civic Type R

    2017 Honda Civic Type RMotor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018 and giggle factory

    We all loved the Civic Type R's engaging performance, razor-sharp handling, power delivery, and surprisingly compliant ride on the road. The Car Connection Senior Editor Andrew Ganz put it best: "This one's a giggle factory. You can't help but love its scrappy nature, but unlike most of its rivals, it's comfortable and compliant around town," he said. Managing Editor Aaron Cole had a reason why it works so well on the street. "Underneath it all it’s a Civic, after all. And that’s it’s best secret," he observed. "Drive it to the track, and drive it home. What more can you ask for?"

    Our editors noted a few features in particular that stood out, including the driving position and driver's seat, which even works for larger guys; the clutch, gearshift, and round metal shift knob; and the outward visibility.

    We liked the Type R even more when we got it to the track, where it proved to be the most hunkered down, stable, and grippy car of the group. With 306 horses, it was down on power from the competition, but its stability, grip, and light weight let it carry more speed through corners than the others and made it almost as fast at the end of the longest straight. I saw 114 mph at the end of the front stretch compared to 118 mph in the fastest car, the Panamera 4S. That's with 134 fewer horses. Cars DirectSenior Editor Brandon Turkus felt at home in the Type R on a new track. "Remarkably fun, but more importantly, remarkably approachable," he said. "I took this car out on a track I’d barely familiarized myself with and felt an unending sense of confidence that the Civic Type R would execute my every wish."

    Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018

    2017 Honda Civic Type R

    Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018

    Interactive Content Manager Joel Feder was a bit more colorful. "It’s like a firecracker you light off and hang onto for the ride," he quipped.

    Editorial Director Marty Padgett praised the handling, but noted it won't beat the competition on the track. "Flat through the corners. It is not the best-handling car of its kind, and that gives it a limited shelf life," he said. Turkus felt that doesn't matter. "I don’t agree with others who say it needs AWD. It’d ruin the tossability, and understeer is only an issue if you let it be," he argued. Nonetheless, we all agree that a Subaru WRX STI and a Ford Focus RS will beat the Type R around a racetrack.

    We also agree that the Type R's looks are sophomoric. Padgett: "Outrageous in the way it chews into view with scoops and flares and wings and all the things that turn on fanbois. The Type R's tiring on the eyes after a few hours, but the way it flips from street to track fluency never gets old." Feder summed up our thoughts on the design: "No self-respecting person over 32 can drive the Type R daily and not feel silly with that rear wing."

    It may look silly, and it may not be as fast as some rivals, but it's damn fun to drive fast, comfortable enough to drive every day, and its mid-$30,000s price tag makes the Honda Civic Type R a bargain. Those are the factors that tipped the scales to make it the Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018.


    xus LC 500: Fluid and elegant grand tourer

    "It looks like a concept car for the road, because it is," said Feder, and we all agreed that the LC is stunning. A production version of the LF-LC concept car from 2012, the LC is sleek, elegant, and emotional from a brand that has often been accused of being too conservative. Cole said: "It’s certainly elegant, and considering that it’s from the same automaker that brought us the ES, it’s beyond heresy too." Padgett described it as "dashing without being irreverent, striking and a standout in its time and in its brand."

    Without a plan to build a grand tourer, Lexus adapted its GA-L platform for the LC. That gives it some heavy duty underpinnings, literally. The LC 500 weighs 1,000 pounds more than a Porsche 911. "Who among us doesn't carry a few hundred extra pounds?," asked Padgett. "Yes, the Lexus LC tips the scales like a Looney Tunes anvil, but damn does it carry it well."

    Somehow, Lexus took a full-size luxury sedan platform and made it work for a much smaller and sportier grand tourer because the LC performs on the track, too. The secret appears to be moving the mass to the center of the car and setting that weight on an advanced suspension. The 471-hp 5.0-liter V-8 sits behind the front axle, creating a near-perfect 52/48 front/rear weight balance. Double-jointed front arms provide better wheel articulation and adaptive dampers help the 20- or 21-inch wheels deal with bumps and ruts while also providing grip. The available rear-axle steering, which our car had, doesn't hurt, either.

    Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018

    Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018

    2018 Lexus LC500

    We all loved the seats and the interior styling, but we were surprised that the LC was quite capable on the racetrack. "Consider the LC’s 187-inch length an Easter egg: It positively kills corners thanks to responsive steering," said Cole. "The Lexus coupe won’t confuse many into believing it’s smaller than it is, but the LC’s sharp turn-in is a wonderful surprise." Feder noted: "It's well-balanced and progressive in its movements." Turkus liked the performance but not the feel: "Surprisingly agile for such a big, heavy car, but feedback both through the chassis and steering are too limited to really feel like a great driver’s car."

    To a man we were all enamored of the engine, especially its song, which provides a raucous counterpoint to the elegant looks. "Possibly the best sounding car on sale today. If I could bottle and sell the LC 500’s exhaust note, I’d make enough to buy one," exclaimed Turkus. Cole got a bit more graphic, musing that "the raucous sounds that permeate the cabin from the sonorous V-8 and howling rear tires are like two pit bulls having their way with a porcupine." Cole lauded the performance as well: "On the track, it pulls from just about any gear, from just about any corner. You don’t need to shift, but you should—if only because it snaps off clean cracks from each gear change like a bolt-action rifle."

    We had our complaints, too. A grand tourer should have a generous trunk, but the LC 500 offers only 5.4 cubic feet for cargo storage, not even enough for two roll-aboards. The rear seats are just there for insurance purposes, and we all think Lexus needs to go back to the drawing board for its infotainment system. The center console is also a problem and it annoyed Cole the most. "The way the center console opens—and the only way to access the second cupholder—may have been outlawed by the Geneva Convention," he complained.

    Our bottom line? The LC was a very close second. If it wasn't first, it was the second for most of us. Ganz called it "probably the best interpretation of the personal luxury coupe ever," Feder felt it is a half-price Aston Martin DB11, while Padgett said, "I hope it's not a one-hit wonder, because its fluid performance and jaw-dropping looks deserve a follow-up act."


    7 Porsche Panamera: Effortless performance

    Porsche knows how to build a performance car. However, while the 911 and 718 twins provide engagement to go with their performance, it's dramatic how undramatic the Panamera is. A large cruiser that competes with heavyweight full-size sedans like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series for space, comfort, and on-road opulence, the Panamera also offers track-ready performance that is simply effortless. The car Porsche provided hit the sweet spot of performance, too. It was a 440-horsepower 4S model, with a twin-turbo 2.9-liter V-6, all-wheel-drive, and rear-axle steering.

    Feder labeled it a sleeper. Padgett called the Panamera a "stealth bomber among showboats" and remarked, "you might read elsewhere here that it's not engaging enough; the sign of a great car is one that puts driving worries aside, especially at triple-digit speeds." Ganz ignored the boss, saying, "ultimately, it's light on fun—but that doesn't mean it's not amazingly capable on-road and on-track." Turkus felt taunted by the car. "Working out the Panamera on a track feels undramatic," he said. "It felt like the car was constantly humoring me, as if it were saying, 'Aw, look at you in Sport Plus mode. You took that turn really well. Have a gold star.' "

    Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018

    2017 Porsche Panamera

    Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018

    Turkus wasn't so impressed with the engine. "I’m sorry, but the 2.9-liter, twin-turbo V-6 is underwhelming. It sounds cool from behind the wheel—there’s so much turbo whooshing—but it also doesn’t feel much like a Porsche engine. Also, the PDK feels slow to engage off the line, even in Sport Plus mode." Like the rest of us, Cole disagreed. "Tapping the steering wheel-mounted 'Push to pass' (Porsche calls it Sport Response) is like playing the slots with speed, except I win every time," he observed. "The Panamera’s turbos belly-breathe like an athlete halfway through a sprint—relaxed, but also bolting toward the horizon."

    Feder summed up our track experience in the Panamera: "The performance is not only worthy of the brand, it’s mind boggling. It’s fast, quick, and composed. The powertrain, while powerful, feels sterile and lacks emotion, especially in terms of sound. The steering, brakes, and transmission are all terrific."

    Complaints aside from feel? Feder doesn't like the new touch controls and Cole noted the cupholders aren't sized for Big Gulps, but Padgett put into words the overall opinion: "Find a flaw on the Panamera, I dare you. It's maybe on the price tag (about $130,000), maybe on the raspy V-6 sound that suffers only because it's not a twin-turbo V-8." As Ganz added, "the Panamera is always buttoned-down and dressed up."

    18 Kia Stinger GT: The spunky upstart with the glass jaw

    The Stinger takes Kia in a decidedly sportier direction, and it proves for the first time that the brand can tune a suspension for performance. As we have reported, former BMW M boss Albert Biermann was in charge of tuning that suspension.

    Our editors found the suspension to be well sorted during the street drives. "High hopes, a lot of them achieved," noted Padgett. "The Stinger has lovely tuning for street driving, interesting looks, and a good amount of content. Its V-6 doesn't sound great." Ganz had higher praise. "Where'd this come from? One thing Kia's never gotten right—until now—is the way its cars ride and handle. The Stinger is balanced and planted on the road," he enthused. Cole was even more effusive. "It’s not a beta performance car for Kia, it’s a Gold Master release. The Stinger represents a good first start that’s ready for prime time," he gushed. "The Stinger has better balance than a middleweight fighter. It’s posed, ready, and competing for the title."

    Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018

    2018 Kia Stinger GT

    Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018

    However, that fighter has a glass jaw when he gets to the ring, which, in this case, is a racetrack. The tires give up grip too easily and the dampers could be a couple notches firmer to make the car more agile. The Stinger GT is equipped with 225- and 255-millimeter wide Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires that appear to be tuned for rolling resistance instead of grip. As a result, the Stinger GT pushes forward upon turn-in, then transitions to oversteer mid-corner. That's an indication of chassis balance in our book, but the tires feel more like roller skates than suction cups. We think 245s and 285s would be more appropriate and a stickier tire compound would help as well. All of our editors commented on the lack of confidence on the track due to the tires, and that's the single greatest reason the Stinger GT fell to the bottom of this list.

    We had some other complaints. Rear visibility was an issue for most of us, Cole said he didn't think the interior was up to par for the class, Turkus felt the transmission was unwilling to shift on the track, and a couple editors complained about steering feel.

    However, others liked the interior. Turkus said the "cabin is a very nice, business-focused place." We all appreciated the power from the twin-turbo V-6, though not necessarily the sound, we all appreciated the ride quality, and we all felt the Stinger GT offers a real value.

    Most of all, though, we like the direction Kia is going with the Stinger. "Give it 10 percent more polish and then it's a legit threat," said Padgett. "The Stinger GT is a fantastic first effort, and truly shows how far the Korean car company has come," noted Feder. Ganz had the highest praise, saying, "it's a better BMW in most ways and it's a clear sign for enthusiasts that someone still cares about us."

    Just give it better tires.

  • Shelby GT500 clues, Daytona 24 Hours results, SCG Boot confirmed: Car News Headlines

    Shelby GT500 clues, Daytona 24 Hours results, SCG Boot confirmed: Car News Headlines

     2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 spy shots - Image via S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

    Ford is set to revive its Mustang Shelby GT500, and we know the car is coming next year with over 700 horsepower. The Blue Oval may have just dropped a clue indicating that the final figure could be closer to 800 horses, though we won't know for sure until the official numbers are published.

    The past weekend saw the 2018 WeatherTech SportsCar Championship kick off in style with the 24 Hours of Daytona. It was a race in which American automakers dominated, and we also saw a 36-year-old record finally broken.

    Speaking of American automakers, niche sports car marque Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has announced it's exploring utility vehicles. The company wants to build a modern version of the famous Baja Boot that Steve McQueen raced in the 1960s.

    You'll find these stories and more in today's car news, right here at Motor Authority.

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    2019 Ram Laramie Longhorn Edition belts out country blues

    Next-gen Minis could come from China, ride on platform deveoped with Great Wall

    NHTSA to investigate Tesla Model S on Autopilot that hit parked fire truck on freeway

    Oldest driveable Bugatti stops by Jay Leno's Garage

    Net neutrality for cars: BMW's Apple CarPlay subscription could open Pandora's box

    Genesis to establish dedicated dealerships

    Looking at leases on 2018 Nissan Leaf electric car: how do they stack up?

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